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Here is a story:

A man was walking with a bucket of crabs. The bucket did not have a cover on it. A little boy who was walking on the same street got scared looking at the crabs’ sharp pincers. But then he realized that the crabs were not coming out. He was intrigued and asked the man why the crabs were not able to escape. The man explained: “if there was only one crab in the bucket it would certainly escape. However, when there is more than one crab in the bucket, if one tries to crawl out, the other crabs would grab hold and pull it back down.”

I have often heard this story being told to motivate people. The idea being that one should not allow the world (crabs) to pull them back from seeking their dreams.

But I think the story has a positive aspect to it. If we could indeed place a system of checks and balances like these crabs did, perhaps we would avoid the concentration of power in a few hands. We would have fewer dictators. (I guess we will also have fewer leaders.)

When a leader is assassinated, what happens to all the concentrated power? What do the crabs do now?


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